Get Involved

1. Join a scheme

Neighbourhood Watch is a national scheme in the United Kingdom, but many other countries around the world also organise similar operations.

 In Hertfordshire it is better to join your local scheme through the OWL portal, so that information is local and relevant to where you live.

However, HertsWatch also acknowledges use of the national  Neighbourhood Watch website

The site features articles and information about crime types, provides associated  crime toolkits and contains information about a wealth of ideas and projects that have been trialled throughout the UK.

2. Join a Project

In some areas of the county there are a number of volunteer groups who assist with a specific project or activity.  This may be in the form of alternatives Watches (e.g. Dog Watch ~ where dog events and shows are organised, or  perhaps a Community Clear Up scheme where residents help with litter picking or clearing a local park)  Details of these events can be gained from OWL messages, adverts in local magazines and publications, or reports on local social media posts

3. Become a Volunteer

If you have a little time to spare, there are a number of opportunities which you can engage with to help  your local community.  You may have specific skills to offer the local association, or you may just want to help out with the everyday running of a scheme in your road, or as a helper at events and functions. The age limit is 18 if you wish to become a road coordinator, but we have reduced this threshold to 16 if parental or guardian support is confirmed and accepted

3.1. Setting Up a New Scheme or Becoming a Road Coordinator

Most roads in Hertfordshire already have a NW scheme available.  Many however, do not have a volunteer proactively running them.  Basic training is offered on the administration of the OWL system and equipment is provided (e.g. Welcome packs for new residents, street signs, and NW stickers)

If you wish to become a Road Coordinator contact your local District Coordinator by email (see Around The Districts or HOME Page for their contact details)  Explain what skills you are offering, the amount of time you have to offer in a volunteering capacity per week, or month and include your contact details so that the District Coordinator can get back to you easily.

3.2 Volunteering for your Local Association

In Hertfordshire, each district has a local Neighbourhood watch Association.  These groups are governed by a local constitution and they work independently of HertsWatch.  The chairs of each Association participate on the Hertswatch committee, which is the umbrella organisation for the county.  In this way, we try to ensure continuity and consistency across the county.

There are many roles to fill and opportunities to participate in at a local level. 

Each committee requires a Chair, Deputy Chair,  Treasurer and Secretary; the latter two require specific skills (financial knowledge,  and administration/office skills).   The committee also includes representatives from each of the wards within the district, and may include representatives from the local police, council or other partner agencies.

Additional roles and responsibilities may also be required, so there is always an opportunity for you to offer your skills set when a position has become vacant or is being created.  Through OWL, we often send out appeal messages requesting extra help at a local level.  Please respond by contacting your local District Coordinator

3.3 Helping Out at Local events or with Local Projects

From time to time we run events and projects in conjunction with our partner agencies in our areas, and may need volunteers to help with the organisation and running of them. This may involve serving refreshments, assisting on a stall or preparing packs to hand out.  If you are interested in offering help on these occasions, again please contact the District coordinator.

3.4 Hertfordshire Constabulary Police Volunteer Scheme Please visit  for further information