Online Watch Link (OWL)

1. Introduction

In Hertfordshire we are privileged to use the Online Watch Link communication and database system.  Set up in 2006 in the county, the system offers:-

  • rapid email and phone communication used by the Police and NW coordinators, 
  • facility to allow two-way communication between  author and recipient
  • Availability to send SMS messages
  • A comprehensive database of Watches organised by  districts, ward, area and individual streets
  • Ability to have more than one member in a household registered to receive messages
  • Allows individuals to change your own details online when necessary

2.  Joining is Easy

You can join NW by logging onto the website  and clicking on Join Your Local Watch tab. 

Join Your Local Watch in Hertfordshire

To register or get in touch with your nearest watch scheme in Hertfordshire please select the scheme you’re most interested in and provide your full residential or business postcode.

Top of Form

Watch Scheme:  Neighbourhood Watch Allotment Watch Business Watch Dog Watch Farm Watch Heritage Watch Horse Watch Pub Watch School Watch Shop Watch Taxi Watch
Your Postcode: 

Bottom of Form

You will be asked to provide the following details on the online registration form:-

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Phone (mobile or landline)

You will also have the opportunity to select additional watches to belong to (e.g. Business Watch, Senior watch, CCTV Watch).

Your local coordinator will receive your application and will add your details to the system.  A WELCOME email will then be sent to you automatically.  This email will contain your unique username and password.  You will also be asked to click on a link to verify receipt of your registration.

You can change your password at any time by logging onto the OWL website, select My Details  and click the Change My Password  tab. In the Account and Login box.  Follow the instructions on the page that appears.

You can change or add any details on your own account once your initial registration is set up.

Always remember to  SAVE ALL CHANGES  before you exit your account!

3. Privacy and GDPR Policy

Personal data collected for use on the system will be stored on the Online Watch Link databases and will only be used for internal review by local Watch coordinators and Hertfordshire Constabulary  to administer the Hertfordshire Neighbourhood Watch Scheme, and to communicate with you by email, phone or SMS, with information about crime trends, scams and fraud in your local areas, to notify you of any up-coming events or projects and to administer the occasional survey relevant to Neighbourhood Watch.

No personal data will be shared with external or Third Parties without your specific and explicit permission.

If you wish us to update your personal details or have your data removed from the Neighbourhood Watch records, please contact the Watch Liaison Office at: