Herts Connected

Change of Police messaging system

As most people are now aware the police in Hertfordshire have changed to a new messaging system from 1 April 2024. It is now called Herts Connected. If you wish to continue to receive messages from the police and Neighbourhood Watch you need join the new system as data protection prevents the police from just switching names and addresses to the new system.

You can join Herts Connected in either of two ways


You only need to put in your name, address and email. You do not have to complete any of the other questions which are optional.  You will receive a one-time code to enter to ensure that the email and application is genuine.
Please then select the type of messages you wish to receive. Please ensure you tick NHW even if you do not select any others.

Street Co-ordinators – now called Scheme co-ordinators under the new system. If you wish to remain as a street co-ordinator then you can do so. If you wish to volunteer as one please ensure that there is not already one in your street.  You will be asked to select your street. You do this by clicking a series of dots around the street or part of the street you will be responsible for. For this to work efficiently include the rear gardens of the houses. Please use the name of the street when asked to name it and include the first part of the post code. If a long road enter the start and last numbers you are looking after. If looking after more than one street include it in the mapping and name both streets.  This will greatly assist in approving the schemes.

Ward Co-ordinators – now called area co-ordinators under the new system. We hope you will stay with us. We are working with the new system to try and carry you across to the new system with your permission. Please email me to let me know if you are happy to continue.

Training – There will be training available online for all street co-ordinators and ward co-ordinators as soon as we can arrange it.


Herts Connected
Herts Connected is a free interactive messaging service from Hertfordshire Constabulary where you decide what issues you would like to hear about and how so your messages are tailored to suit you – not just your postcode.


Find my local scheme | Neighbourhood Watch Network
Enter your postcode to see a list of the closest 7 approved schemes to you. If you do not know the postcode, you can type in the name of the street plus area. To apply to start or join a scheme you need to first be a member of Neighbourhood Watch.